A Nurse Health Coach is considered a nursing specialty and serves as a pivotal figure in the healthcare landscape, blending the expertise of nursing (RN) with the additional training in health and wellness coaching. Nurse health coaching is a skilled, purposeful, results-oriented and structured client interaction that is provided by Registered Nurses for the purpose of promoting achievement of client goals. (Dossey, Hess, et. al, 2013) Nurse coaches promote and facilitate the growth, healing and wellbeing of the whole person by using coaching principles and healing modalities that integrate body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment.

This multifaceted professional utilizes the nursing process to guide clients towards improved health and well-being across various domains, including mental health, women’s health, weight loss, anxiety, depression, betrayal trauma, wellness promotion, and successful aging. At the core of the Nurse Health Coach’s approach lies the nursing process, a systematic framework consisting of assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Through this process, the nurse collaborates with clients to identify their unique health needs, establish personalized goals, and develop actionable strategies for achieving them. Nurse coaches are supportive and encouraging, building on the client’s strengths rather than attempting to correct weaknesses. Nurse coaches provide guidance and resources to the client who is the expert on their own needs and choices.

A more thorough assessment for client-tailored plans and support.

In mental health, the Nurse Health Coach conducts thorough assessments to understand clients’ psychological and emotional states, identifying factors contributing to anxiety, depression, stress and trauma such as betrayal trauma. Utilizing nursing diagnoses, they formulate tailored plans to address these issues, incorporating evidence-based interventions and therapeutic techniques to support clients in coping, healing, and fostering resilience.

In women’s health, the Nurse Health Coach provides specialized care that encompasses a spectrum of needs to help women achieve their health goals, improve their overall well-being, and make positive lifestyle changes. They assist clients in navigating complex health issues specific to women, offering education, guidance, and advocacy to promote optimal well-being throughout different life stages.

Regarding weight loss and wellness, the Nurse Health Coach employs a holistic approach that goes beyond calorie counting and exercise routines. By assessing clients’ lifestyles, habits, and underlying health conditions, they identify barriers to weight management and develop comprehensive plans encompassing nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and behavioral change strategies. Through ongoing support and accountability, they empower clients to adopt sustainable lifestyle modifications conducive to improved health outcomes.

In the realm of successful aging, the Nurse Health Coach collaborates with older adults to address age-related challenges while maximizing independence, vitality, and quality of life. They conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential health risks, develop personalized care plans to enhance functional abilities, prevent complications, and promote overall well-being in later life stages.

According to the Florida Statutes, the scope of practice for a registered nurse (RN) is defined in Section 464.003. This includes performing actions that require specialized knowledge, judgment, and nursing skill. These attributes are based on applied principles of psychological, biological, physical, and social sciences. 

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The scope of practice for an RN includes: 

Observation, Assessment, Nursing diagnosis, Planning, Intervention, Evaluation of care, Health teaching and coaching, Promoting wellness, Maintaining health, Preventing illness.

The psychosocial nursing diagnosis focuses on how a patient’s mental health and social environment might affect their overall wellness. Instead of strictly physical issues, like other medical diagnoses, this type of evaluation looks at emotional and mental attributes—such as anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem—that can manifest into serious physical conditions.

An estimated 20% of Americans are affected by mental illness and substance abuse disorders, which lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Psychosocial nursing diagnoses are often used for patients with conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Body-image illnesses
  • Coping and Self Esteem Issues
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Risk of, or attempted, Suicide
  • Schizophrenia
  • Substance abuse

How long should I plan to work with my Nurse Health Coach?

Length of time needed to experience lasting results varies widely from client to client. Certain factors may influence length of time: Severity of the Issue, Client’s Goals, Therapeutic Relationship, and Client’s Commitment and Engagement. Generally, 3-6 months is recommended to make lasting changes to lifestyle habits and experience spiritual breakthroughs.

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A Final Note from Nurse Celia

It’s important to understand what I cannot and will not do as a coach, that I can do as an RN:

  • use nursing diagnosis
  • represent myself as a health care professionals

An RN’s exact legal scope of practice depends on the laws of the state that they work in. However, there are some things than RNs can’t do no matter where they practice. RNs cannot:

  • Make medical diagnoses
  • Certify the death of a patient
  • Prescribe medication (in most states)
  • Perform surgeries or other invasive procedures

Lastly, I’m a registered nurse and health and wellness coach, but I’m not your doctor. The information shared through my website, emails, products and services is for informational and educational purposes only. It may not be the best fit for you or your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment from your personal doctor.