Telehealth: Increasingly Preferred Mode of Healthcare Post Pandemic

The demand for telehealth nursing services has seen a significant rise, particularly in addressing various issues such as anxiety, depression, marriage coaching, infidelity and trust, nutrition, weight management, diabetes, and spiritual growth.

According to, “From 2019 through 2020, spending on telehealth services increased massively, from $306 million to almost $3.7 billion. One leading cause for that spending increase was the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in early 2020. The pandemic increased the awareness of and the use of telehealth services worldwide. However, the usefulness of telemedicine and telehealth have extended far beyond the passing global health crisis.”

Telehealth nursing offers numerous benefits to clients, making it a preferred choice for seeking healthcare support. One of the primary advantages of telehealth nursing is the convenience it offers. It’s very easy to schedule and provides fast access to quality care. Clients can access services from the comfort of their own space, whether it’s their bed, sofa, or even their car. This convenience factor is crucial, as it allows individuals to closely monitor their health and wellness without the hassle of travel or waiting rooms. Moreover, it enables them to seamlessly integrate appointments into their busy schedules without taking time off from work.

Telehealth nursing facilitates continuous accountability, education, support and encouragement for clients. Nurses can closely track their patients’ progress and provide personalized guidance, leading to better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Through regular sessions, clients receive valuable education on managing their conditions, improving lifestyle habits that hinder wellness, and promoting autonomy in their health and wellness decisions.

The accessibility of telehealth nursing extends beyond geographical barriers. Patients in rural areas or those facing provider shortages can access quality care and resources without the need for extensive travel. This not only improves healthcare access but also overcomes social stigma associated with seeking certain types of care such as mental health or weight management. It is common for individuals to not seek treatment due to fear and stigma. Stigma refers to “the fear of shame associated with acknowledging mental illness and seeking out the help of a professional”. While mental health is becoming more widely accepted and understood, stigma still exists, especially in places where mental health education may be lacking. Therefore, having access to telehealth nursing care provides a way for these clients to gain quality compassionate care from the comfort and safety of their own homes, cars or workspaces.

When it comes to chronic conditions, such as, diabetes, arthritis and autoimmune disorders, the resulting mental and emotional symptoms are just as brutal as the physical ones, but often get overlooked by physicians who are rushed to treat an overflow of patients. If you work with a trusted telehealth nurse wellness coach, they can address your needs beyond physical ailments and support you as you cope with your condition and see you through the entirety of your healing journey.

A holistic registered nurse will understand the mental health conditions you’re at risk for as a part of your chronic disease, and know the signs and symptoms to watch out for to ensure you’re cared for through that battle. They may also suggest incorporating other alternative treatments or to seek additional help through joining support groups in your area.

With the increased awareness of nutrition’s role in disease prevention and “aging well”, the demand for telewellness coaches has significantly grown. Marketdata estimates that the total U.S. health coaching market was worth $7.6 billion in 2023. The total market is forecast to reach $7.8 billion this year and grow by 4.4% per year thereafter, reaching $9.17 billion by 2028, with 140,000+ coaches active. These numbers far exceed even the surge in demand for telehealth services.

Nurse Celia has responded to the call to meet this high demand by offering telehealth sessions via HIPAA compliant Zoom. All telehealth coaching sessions take place from the comfort of your home providing comfort and the convenience and flexibility to make the most of your time. Regular weekly telehealth nurse health coaching visits serve as an investment in the client’s future wellness and increased longevity. By establishing a consistent support system, clients can make sustainable lifestyle changes and improve their overall health. This proactive approach to healthcare management can lead to long-term benefits and improved quality of life.

The surging demand for telehealth nursing services reflects the numerous benefits it offers to clients. From convenience and accessibility to personalized support and better health outcomes, telehealth nursing is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being. Contact Nurse Celia today to begin your healing journey and find hope, healing and a new beginning.

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