Deep Psychological Harm of Betrayal Trauma

Sexual integrity seems to be under assault in today’s culture. So many people are impacted by pornography, infidelity, and sex addiction like never before. Marriages and families are suffering in devastating ways. The problem is at pandemic levels (porndemic), yet there is a significant deficit in the medical community concerning a proven treatment plan to deal with the brokenness in the lives of men, women, and families. Surface-level advice, coping tools, support groups, and sermons only go so far when the depth of this problem is sexual brokenness and bondage.

Betrayal trauma refers to the deep psychological harm caused by the betrayal of trust in a close relationship (infidelity or porn addiction of a spouse), often involving a breach of loyalty, honesty, or integrity. In the context of a woman’s experience, this type of trauma can significantly impact her mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Mental Health: Betrayal trauma can lead to severe mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and complex (C-PTSD). The shattered trust can create a sense of disbelief, confusion, and a constant state of hypervigilance. Women may experience intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, or nightmares related to the betrayal, impacting their ability to focus, trust others, or feel safe in future relationships.

Physical Health: The stress from betrayal trauma can manifest physically, affecting sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or disrupted sleep. Chronic stress may weaken the immune system, making the individual more susceptible to illnesses. Some women might also resort to coping mechanisms like substance abuse, overeating, or under-eating, further impacting their physical health.

Emotional Health: The emotional toll of betrayal trauma is profound. Feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, and self-blame often accompany the experience. Women may struggle with their sense of identity, self-worth, and confidence. Trusting others becomes challenging, leading to social withdrawal or difficulties in forming new relationships.

Interventions such as individual coaching from a provider who has overcome betrayal trauma, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) have shown effectiveness in helping women cope with betrayal trauma. Understanding the complexities and depth of betrayal trauma is vital in providing the necessary support and resources for women to navigate their healing journey.

Betrayal trauma can also significantly impact a woman’s spiritual well-being. This type of trauma can shake the core beliefs and values that may have been central to her spiritual or religious framework. 

Navigating betrayal trauma’s impact on spiritual well-being is a deeply personal journey. Nurse Celia has experienced this first hand and has successfully overcome and healed from the impact of the devastation that it caused. She has overcome the shock, PTSD, anxiety, hypervigilance and depression that resulted from betrayal trauma. This experience left her frozen in bed unable to eat, sleep or engage in her family activities. It caused her to disconnect from who she was, no longer interested in engaging in her favorite hobbies and feeling a sense of hopeless with no way to climb out of the darkness of despair. Today she walks in complete freedom from oppression and has felt called to share her experience with other women so they may be able to experience breakthroughs and find hope and purpose once again. Major depression is real, PTSD from betrayal trauma is real and its exactly where our enemy wants us to be because it keeps us from pursuing true intimacy with Jesus.

She understands that some women might find that their spirituality becomes a source of strength, guiding them through the healing process, while others may struggle to reconcile their beliefs with the trauma they’ve experienced. Seeking support from a spiritual coach who understands the intersection of spirituality and trauma can be invaluable in this healing journey. Contact Nurse Celia to begin a journey of self discovery and transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit. You can begin your journey of hope and healing today.

“But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me. Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice. He ransoms me and keeps me safe from the battle waged against me…” Psalm 55:16-18

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